Hi, my name is Anna and I write vegan recipe reviews for this website. Do I create my own recipes? No, not really. Sometimes, I modify a recipe to fit my needs if I don't have or can't find a specific ingredient. But, for the most part, I try to keep the recipes as true to the original as possible.

But why write recipe reviews?

When I first went vegan there weren't that many vegan recipes out there, plant-based milks came in non-refrigerated cartons only and vegan cheeses weren't a thing— at least where I lived. Nowadays, there are hundreds of vegan recipe bloggers and millions of recipes out there, especially on Pinterest.

When you are searching for a recipe online there are so many recipes that are similiar but how do you know which recipe is best? Which do you choose? The one with the best picture? (That's what I do. ) But, what if there was a site that had reviews of each recipe that you could search through to find the most popular reviewed recipes on the internet? Wouldn't that be cool?

That's what I want to work towards. But, to accomplish that we'll need a lot of reviews by many different reviewers. For now, I've started Vegan Recipe Reviews listing reviews of recipes I've tried. At the same time I'm going to work on developing the site into a review site where you can sign up, add recipes, review recipes and search through a ranked system to find the very best vegan recipes!

Honest Reviews

I plan to write my honest opinion for each recipe as if I were telling a friend or family member which one to make. Have you ever found the most aesthetically pleasing recipe with tons of beautiful photos but when you went to make it it didn't taste quite right or something went wrong in the process? Maybe the directions told you too high of a heat and it burnt. Maybe the cornbread just disintegrated into crumbles...

On the other side, maybe you found a recipe with a terrible photo— or worse no photo at all, then it turned out to be a quick simple recipe that tastes amazing but it just didn't look good. Those exist too!

Rating System

On this website, I rank a recipe by many factors then give it an overall rating at the end.

  • Taste: When it comes down to it taste is one of the most important things of a good recipe.
  • Price: How afforable is this recipe? Some recipes look great but would break your paycheck if you bought all the fancy ingredients.
  • Aesthetic: How good does it look? "You eat with your eyes first!"
  • Ease: How easy was it to make this recipe? Sometimes, you just have those days you don't have any energy left to cook a complicated meal.
  • Overall: The average rating from the other rating factors.

Want me to review a recipe?

Do you have a great recipe you'd like me to review? I am open to suggestions. Send me a message on any of my social media accounts linked at the top and bottom of this website.